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SAM Merchandising

We provide a simple and most important Flexible Retail Merchandising Solution in both International Key Account Retailer (IKA) and Local Key Account Retailer (LKA). In SAM, we were coming from distribution side. We understand that to own and manage a self merchandising team is time consuming and costly. Thus, we have founded SAM – Science of Aggregating Merchandising to help those who wish to reduce the cost and yet maintaining merchandising services for their product in today’s highly competitive modern trade channel. In short, SAM is offering a shared basis merchandising services for those who wish to keep the cost low and also offering a permanent merchandising services for those who has fast product movement. As in now, we are servicing brands such as Depex, Pipit, Lonkey, Toman, Liso, Kiraw, Tina, Snipe, UUCare, Young Girl, Revive, Perfume Generics, Ascania, Aroma Kids, Sumaiyyah, Spam, Spigadoro, Ybarra, Casa Fiesta, Dak, French’s, Goddard’s, Heinz, Hormel, Lee, Magictime, Meica, Nestle, Robert, Roland and Advantage Quest Publications. The product ranges are home care, body care, skin care, cosmetic, health supplement, oral care, hair styling, baby care, pet care, food & beverage, books and men’s care.

Existing Clients / Brands

Ex-Clients / Brands


Link to Sam Merchandising Facebook Page. More updated information is available.